Baños de Agua Santa Ecuador

Looking for adrenaline pumping activities between insane mountain views and waterfalls? Come visit Baños where the views never end and the mysticism of the Ecuadorean volcanoes will continue to enchant you.

Spent a couple days out here with my best friend, Diane. What better way to kick off the trip than jumping off the bridge?

After getting dropped off the bus station, I had to find a spot to get a better view of these killer mountains. Baños is located on the northern foothills of the Tungurahua volcano and with every turn is another insane view.
In love with the textures of the landscape.
Shameless selfies :D
While I was on the roof of this hostel, this little girl was infinitely intrigued by the flowers, rain puddles and my shiny GoPro. What a photogenic little girl, she even photobombed my video you’ll see at the bottom of this entry.
Beautiful eyes. She seems innocent, but when you’re not looking she’s conquering the next puddle and running around you.
First stop with my best friend, Diane is a bridge to take my first leap.
Going bungee jumping for the first time. Strapped in and ready.
This stunning view nearly shook my fear away.
One jump: $20. This experience: Priceless
After I picked up my heart from the bottom of my stomach, I can only laugh in sheer joy and adrenaline as I looked up to see everyone looking over.
Screenshots of the view I captured on my GoPro video.


Here comes Diane right behind me, except she jumped off backwards.
After landing on this cliffside, I discovered this smaller bridge overhanging the river.
Brave munchkin.
What a perfect day for a jump!
These views…..

After getting a good dose of adrenaline rush, we went to check-in at Hosteria Finca Chamanapamba. Great place to stay if you are looking for a more private escape and have pets to bring. Share a room with a friend or two and get a beautiful view of waterfalls with included breakfast service at around $40/night. If you are on more of a budget and do not have a pet, there are plenty of hostels in Baños for as low as $7/night. For a more central location where you can easily get transportation and tours, use the Bus Station as the mark for finding places to stay. Otherwise, there are also options up in the mountains like where this Hosteria is located if you have a car or willing to pay for car service.

This hosteria was designed and created by a German family from 1995-2004. The wife is a designer and together with her husband and some help, they created an architectural treasure inspired by the four elements of life – earth, air, water and fire.
The building is absolutely enchanting. My favorite is the craftmanship in the doors and window frames.
There is beautiful use of bamboo in the structure.
Breakfast is served!
The hosteria’s design looks like its as a part of nature.
The garden immerses the building completely with vibrant blooming flowers everywhere.


A huge lime tree in front.
The morning rain was consistent and left dew gently dangling on each petal.
These looked like they bloomed the second day we were there since we didn’t see them before.


Our elvish balcony.
The view of Cascada Chamana from the hosteria.
Slow shutter speed and high aperture to capture a silky waterfall.
Went to Cafe del Cielo for charming food and a perfect view overlooking the city.
During dinner a cool aunt invited us to join her and her nieces to celebrate a 30th birthday at a bar. Next thing we know, she’s invited us for seafood dinner next time we’re in town. I’m in love with the people here.

Baños is continually getting more and more tourists as people share the stunning views of a popular swing here. The family had lived on the land, built a treehouse (Casa del Arbol) and as time went, the swing became an ultimate to-do when travelers pass through Baños. Now they charge $1/person and have a guy monitoring people’s safety. Around different areas of the mountains, locals have now installed multiple swings taking them higher and higher for thrill seekers.

The morning fog was cool and relaxing. The short hike up to the treehouse was divine.
Inside the treehouse you’ll see years of people leaving their marks on the walls.
The swing often offers a view overlooking the lower city, but we were engulfed by a mystical fog. Swings are not just for kids!
Next stop, an extreme swing with a 100-ft drop requiring a helmet and harness. Check out the video below of me freaking out as I felt the platform beneath my feet disappear.


100-ft swing: $20. Heart falling off the cliff: priceless.
Enjoying a warm canelazo after swings.

Last stop, more waterfalls. After days, if not weeks of consistent rain, the gorges and waterfalls were raging with water. We decided to visit Pailon del Diablo (Devil’s Cauldron). Check out the pictures and video below.

Walking down the stairs: $0.50. Getting drenched: priceless. This is one powerful example of nature. Also, be sure to bring a rain jacket, or be happy to get completely soaked.
Photobombed by another kid.
View from across the way.
Diane, Zion and I being tourists :D
After much adventuring, we found fondue and ate all the cheese and chocolate that could fill our bellies.
Some shots of this rooftop blooming with life.
Everything is alive in Ecuador… and at least much more alive than any country I have ever visited. The natural energy is vibrant in every corner.

Hope you enjoyed my photos. Still want to see a short clip of me exploring and screaming my lungs out? Video below:


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