Little Gasparilla Island & a Farm in SW Florida

It has been nearly one year since my family spent time together as we since flew to three remote corners of Florida. We all fall in the dilemma of figuring out what the perfect family getaway should be… Where can I bring my mom to see new things? But a place my sister can enjoy her quiet time? And a place that I won’t rip my hair out having to keep them entertained? The answer was easier than I realized.

Since my best friend has went backpacking for 5 weeks to Bolivia, we have been hosting AirBnB for the whole time, meeting travelers around the world and giving them a taste of the local experience. I have fallen in love with this experience of bringing people into your home. Scary right? You might change your mind after watching this. Long story short, I found two beautiful locations with enough to explore, a balance of quiet and exciting activities on an exquisite farm and a little island off the coast of Punta Gorda, FL.

Enjoy the photos of our 3-day weekend getaway! If you’re interested in staying with any of these beautiful locations, feel free to check them out below:

Edgar Moreno I did not get to meet personally, but their home is beautiful. You can take a look at my review and details of the listing here.

John Day hosts multiple locations on Little Gasparilla Island. I recommend any of his locations. Check out the campsite we stayed here.

These horses were so friendly and adorable! It’s incredible how smart these creatures are.
Hey buddy, thanks for keeping my mom entertained. She could talk to you for hours… haha
Some magical flowers around the farm
Beautiful life sparkled with the morning dew
This farm had four hammocks around the house. An amazing way to relax and enjoy the sunset
We stayed at this farm for just one night, but the quiet escape from cellphone connection and the internet was a nice reminder in how to spend quality time with your family and not your devices.
This light is magical :OO
Messing around with HDR editing…
A beautiful pony relaxing in the fields
Some company to watch the sunset
The sunlight and purple skies were charming and quaint hugging the trees in their silhouette.
Our next stop was an AirBnB on the boat only Little Gasparilla Island where coconut trees are plenty and the sandy shores are covered with seashells. Here I am chilling on a hammock on the campsite.
In this small island, there are no commercial buildings and no cars, only golf carts, boats and jet skis. While on the beach I hailed down a jet ski and hitch hiked around the island. We stumble upon a wild dolphin and I decided to jump out and swim with it! What an amazing experience :D
After resting and eating, we go out to see the sunset.
The golden hours sets upon the sea oats that protect the beaches
Getting in touch with my inner strength, practicing some yoga poses for the sunset :D
Hello warm sun, have a good night <3


A nice fire pit, burning some palm fronds before going to bed.


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