Ginnie Springs Trip: Round 2

Hard to resist the beautiful springs as a perfect 2-day get away. Grabbed the camping gear and went completely offline. Check out some footage from our free diving, paddle boarding and some magical creatures we found along the way.

The campgrounds are teeming with life from raining caterpillars to terrorizing armadillos. Once the moonlight shone, fireflies burst into a symphony of christmas lights in the woods. The trees were radiating with energy and the fire brought us home with warmth. Enjoy the videos and pictures, but it really doesn’t do it justice.

My camera does not do nature justice. The trees were breathing with the sky, leaves waving and flowing with energy, light and shadow.
Made some friends on the way.
Nothing beats the smell of firewood and the heat of the earth burning and radiating with light. No need for artificial light. Just the fire, moonlight and fireflies.


Snapshots from free diving above the caves


Taking my paddle board out to explore flora, turtles and fish.

Watch the video in HD!

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