Exploring the Magical Real de Catorce

Mexico is filled with magical corners even in an unsuspecting ghost town, Real de Catorce. Once thriving with more than 15,000 residents, the streets lined with silver and European goods, but now the town sits quietly atop the plateau with 1,000 and no more. The drive brings you down a long lonely road with wild horses and birds along the way. The journey was not so much for the glory of the city, but a spiritual one. Real de Catorce is home of a mystical cactus called peyote… Enjoy the photos :)

The view before entering the valley of Real de Catorce.
Panoramic shot.
Meeting wild horses on the way staring down our rickety metal creature rolling past.
Entering the mouth of the tunnel as the light starts to fade away and incandescent bulbs reflect against the slick rocks of the old silver mine tunnel.
View from our hostel/hotel.
Shots of a few vendors in the center.
Cacti scrawl across the walls.
Lush beautiful fabrics in the shops bring surprising color in the cool, calm desert.
I noticed all the local men sported cowboy hats.
This small town is near empty during weekdays since less tourists visit during these days. The locals observe us as we walk through the closed down shops.
Grabbed lunch at the only place that was found open near the center.
Meet ‘Dollares’ my horse. She is very competitive and every time any horse went ahead of her, she would take off to cut them off.
Our 2-hour adventure begins into the desert.
Cutting through the valley, we were greeted with old ruins of the silver mine and an old cross.
Breathtaking opening of the valley before we cut downhill into the rough terrain.
Snack break for Dollares and our horses.
Reached the destination to find the medicine of the earth, Peyote.
Freshly washed Peyote. Best eaten with a fruit and some snacks. The taste is similar to bitter fruit.
On our journey back enjoying the beating sun sink into the earth as the cold desert air starts to sweep over us.
The sun highlights the ebb and flow of the mountains like waves in the sky.
As we gradually enter back into town, we were graced with the view of the burning sun going to sleep. Entering the town covered in only moonlight, our starlit minds take over and the universe begins to break into bursts of energy. We travel until the end of our imagination.
Besos. Thanks for enjoying the photos. Feel free to reach out to learn more about my experience.

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