Ginnie Springs Roadtrip

One car, 5 hours, countless ’90s songs and you get to Ginnie Springs, FL. Nothing more refreshing than an impromptu  road trip to go camping in 46 degree weather. Perfect temperature for camping and a fire, but pretty chilly for swimming. The spring waters here were beautiful and clear with a few caves to explore.

Be wary future visitors, one tip is to know what you’re getting into. This camping spot is like South Beach is to Miami, as Ginnie Springs is to Gainesville. There were full parties being thrown out in the park and it was very loud in some areas. We had to escape into the far corners to get some peace and quiet. Enjoy the pictures and videos!


My little LG G3 did a decent job at capturing the moment underwater. Used a waterproof case and some patience:

4 thoughts on “Ginnie Springs Roadtrip

  1. This place looks amazingly stunning! I can see myself (purposely) getting lost here playing in the waters. I never heard of it before but it’s on my list now for sure. Thank you for your beautiful post!!

  2. Beautiful videoo!!!! I was just there last week!! I would like yo know what`s the name of the track pleassee!! Loved the song! <3


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