Mexico Pt. 3 | Sótanos de las Golondrinas & Las Pozas Castle in Xilitla

Catching sights of dreamy, surrealist castles by eccentric architect, Edward James, and a natural wonder of the world. The Cave of Swallows (“Sótanos de las Golondrinas”) is the largest known cave shaft in the world and the second deepest pit in Mexico. The cave gets its name from the white-collared swifts (not Swallows, but a bird of similar family) and the green parakeets that live along its walls. At sunrise the birds fly in concentric circles up the cave shaft spilling into the sky and out to the jungle. At sunset, we watched them circle in masses diving 126-km/hr into the deep dark hole.


Our drive to the mountains were crisp and cool compared to the humid, sun beaten subtropical areas. We pass by the coffee bean fields while we drive.
A cool hike of about 1,000 steps to the deep abyss in the forest floor.
Quiet hike right before sunset
This is a 160- to 205-foot gaping hole in the forest floor that drops straight down 1,220 – 1,904 feet


Living on the edge… Sitting on the edge
Don’t look down
I looked down. This picture doesn’t do it justice.
We watched white-collared swifts getting ready for the dive
I thought my camera couldn’t catch this. This was at 3.7 frames per second and it was still a blur.
Selling local handmade wares
Another beautiful sight during our return back
Nothing beats fresh tacos after a long hike. We ordered 18 of these =O~~
You don’t understand how happy we were for fresh food xD
And the ice cold Coronas…. =O~~~
Our accommodations were not concealed from the bugs, so we pitched our tent in the room :P
Good morning!


Next stop is a view into an eccentric mind with a hefty inheritance. Visiting Edward James’ Las Pozas Castle in subtropical Xilitla forest.

Can’t get enough of these windy roads and clear skies.
Xilitla, a little town with a big statement historical piece of art history, Las Pozas (“The Pools”)
Beautiful creatures greets us at the entrance.
Majestic doors for skinny giants
This guy first made a complete castle of orchids, but a storm came through and destroyed all his glory. In return, he made a concrete garden no storm could destroy.
Architecture is full of complexities and organic lines similar to the orchid flower.
Another unusual door for who knows what.
Getting lost in the garden.
Looming concave, convex swirling towers
More beautiful creatures dangling daintly between the architecture
Found a handsome soul traveling along my path
Bursting giant flowers accent corners
Tall decorative beams like bamboo trees
No safety nets, no guard rails. Just pure exploration
Design blends well in the green



We were so lost..


Singing and dancing along the path ;D
Swirling exposed stairs look like the skeleton of a forest



Exploring where paths end and new ones begin. Sometimes they just bring you back to the beginning.
I found this wild creature all locked up, so I brought him home with me :P


Now this. This. Is. It.
Feeling so small..
Lurking on the eye of the forest
More structural festivities tangled in the forest
Concrete ribs of the jungle
Found the pools intertwined with the castle
Kids play and slide through the mini falls created


Taking a dip in the cold, fresh spring water

After a nice swim we took back to the road. Next stop, scuba diving. Hope you enjoyed!



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