Mexico Pt. 2 | Cascada de Tamul

Huasteca Potosina is full of treasures. One of the biggest ones is the Tamul Falls (“Cascada de Tamul”). It is a protected biosphere, so no mechanical boats are allowed in the rivers. The only way to get to the waterfall is via hiking or a canoe with pure manpower. Check out how we got to see this beauty:

If you read my previous post, you’ll see we met Payaca for the first time there (fearless guy who jumps off 40-ft cliff into a waterfall). Turns out he’s a tour guide in the area. Lucky for us, he gave us an exclusive tour with just us, him and one canoe.

Walking to the waterfront
Inside the valley of the river
Rowed out to the waterfalls with just pure manpower against a strong current. This was an insane workout.
Mini waterfalls on the way
Hiking for a part of the way where currents were too strong and canoes needed to be manually dragged along.
Enjoying the mini break to our destination :D


Taking a swimming break
Cool, crystal clear waters

After another 20 min of rowing, this is as far as we can go before hitting the current. Taking some shots.
Canon Rebel T2i
Bernardito :D

We hike the rest of the way to underneath the waterfall.
Waterfall is in the view!
Just around the river bend….
The rock formations became more vibrant as we got closer
Got here all thanks to this dude :D Go Payaca! \m/

Check out the video to see us underneath the waterfall and taking jumps into the river to get back to where we are.

Next stop is a cenote at the end of the river. The video shows us floating all the way down the river to get to this point.




Amazing, lush forest




And that concludes our trip through Cascada de Tamul. Hope you enjoyed!


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