Hotel Florida

Hit play to set the mood.

Some dance to remember
Some dance to forget

With nearly four years completed at the University of Miami, my first job offer, graduation a few weeks away, my life feels like a star floating in nowhere. With so much more to learn and grow, I feel like it’s a sudden drop into space now that I’m going to test my wits in the real world. These feelings came to me while I was listening to The Eagles in my car. I have so many shifting thoughts and memories that I am almost afraid to forget. There have been so many wonderful memories in the past four years, I can’t even recall all of them. Sometimes I wish I could relive freshman year all over again. It was the best and the worst. Important people came and left in my life. It made me realize how fragile life is, but at the same time I relished each moment even more. I dove into every new experience with eyes wide open. As years past, the shell of comfort and a schedule allowed me to develop my academics and start digging into my career path. Now that I’ve made my opening, I have found this vast lake inviting me to enjoy its waters and escape its dangers. Fortunately, I am not scared. Fear has left my vocabulary a long time ago.

Now I am trying to remember what it felt like to lie in the grass on the IM fields and taking a swim between class at the pool. I remember these moments as meditative because I finally stopped and noticed life a little bit more. I was in no rush underwater. It was quiet and muffled. It was warm and cool at the same time. I loved the way the water felt. I miss that feeling because this year I have been commuting to school instead of living on campus. I miss the smell of dirt and rain in the IM fields. I miss the walks by the lake. However, I will still have the chance to come back, things just always have a certain charm about them when they’re new.

Enough rambling. I just wanted to get that off my chest. There really isn’t a morale of the story. Thanks for reading.


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