We are not that cool

We are not that cool

We share and connect our social lives on Facebook, Instagram, etc. but it is only an illustration not reality. The article that is linked above really reflects how I feel about social media and the influence of this type of technology and new way of socializing. As a social media enthusiast, a public relations major, and amateur photographer, I really don’t want my future seen through an Instagram filter or summarized in a status or tweet. It is a tool to use not something to reinforce your identity.

More and more I think about what photography means to me as I started this blog for my travels in Europe and it has become a very intimate part of me. When I photograph things and especially people, the photo I capture is usually a replica of what I see in my mind. What I mean is that when I photograph someone, I don’t really aim to capture the good looking aspect, but moreso what I see in the person. It isn’t evident in most of my scenic photos for illustration purposes, but it is definitely the case for when I photograph portraits. I will be putting up hopefully tonight my last shoot and it shows how I feel and what I see, not just the person, but who they are to me.


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