I am in complete shock! I get home from school and get some produce downstairs and literally as we walk back into the apartment my roommates were like “white smoke!!” I was like “OMG WHAT DO WE DO?” I did not even plan out how to get to St. Peter’s from our apartment. We are RUNNING outside and we get to the tram… but then we were like forget this and hail a cab (which you’re not supposed to do anyway oopps..) At this point it has already been 10 minutes since the smoke and apparently he usually speaks 45 min – 1 hr after the smoke. The taxi gets us so close and we are jammed in traffic! It’s already 40 mins past. We ask that he drop us off at the next intersection at the bridge that cuts across to St. Peter’s. We literally bolt out of the cab and get there in like 5 min. As we weave through the crowd to get a better view and finally catch our breath, they started introducing him. Just in time!


We made it!


Beautiful as usual


Everyone was anxious, excited and ready to capture the moment. There were so many cameras and camera crew!


My roommates that alerted me of the smoke and joined us in bolting to St. Peter’s


My heart was racing and I reminded myself that I should take at least one photo showing I was here. Not a great photo, but does the job lol


After they had introduced him, he had yet to appear and all these guys were out on the balcony. Waiting in anticipation to see him as the new pope!


There were people on the obelisk and the lamps lol


And there he is! Pope Francis I! Thankfully my instinct reminded me to bring my telephoto lens which allowed me to catch this photo so close (I know not that close, but we were halfway in the square) We couldn’t believe it, he is the FIRST non-European pope. I am not catholic at all but even I realize the impact this can have. Insane!


The bells were ringing vividly through the night air, filled with energy and excitement



Amuurika reppin’




And of course the Argentinian flag waving in great pride in light of our new Argentinian pope! The cameras were all over this one


This was truly a once in a life time experience. When will I ever be in Rome at the same time the conclave elects a new pope in my life? Thoughts? Comments? I’m still in shock. This means so much more than I can realize.

Okay… back to reality, I have one more midterm tomorrow then off the Spain! What a life!


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