Trinkets and things

Ciao ragazzi! After this entry, I will have finally caught up with my photos I wanted to share with you all. Then I will be off to Spain with my friend Rosy for ten days! We will be flying into Barcelona then training to Seville, Granada, and Madrid which is where we will fly out from. The last thing on my mind is my three midterms this week, which is why I am writing a blog instead.

Living in Rome offers so much. One of my favorite parts of the lifestyle is their open-air markets and the flea markets. The importance of fresh food everyday is evident in their low prices for fresh produce and their “Bio” foods, which is equivalent to our organic, are much more affordable compared to the US. However, I’m here to show you a little bit of my experience at the flea markets. On Sundays right behind my apartment, this huge one opens up covering almost 10 blocks. I had some fun bargaining for gloves and a bath towel since the one they provide in the apartments are super tiny. This place has everything from antique furniture to parakeets to jewelry to¬†deodorant. Here are some photos from my experience :)


I’m hoping this was a costume store..


There were practically more than 20 purse stands

IMG_9372 copy

This one shop seemed like they picked things up from the trash and made them look antique. There were numerous pairs of used reading glasses in old cases.


Some nifty furniture


Cool glassware


My kind of mug if it wasn’t priced so high (I forgot how much, but it was expensive)


Clay cookware


Necklaces from all continents


Miscellaneous beads spread across a table


Cool Asian pieces


Goat skulls for sale!


Sooo many necklaces


More antique looking things that look like they were collected from an old woman’s junk jewelry drawer

IMG_9396All the leftover confetti kids threw around from Mardi Gras on the floorIMG_9381

My walk home I am greeted with the sun peaking through some leaves :)

I hope you all enjoyed and I’ll see you in two weeks!


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