Form, Function, and Dreams

For simple aesthetic pleasure, these are images that capture the words I cannot communicate. The artistic brilliance is so intense here in Rome that it really is overwhelming, especially since so much of the work here is Baroque so I’m just going to have these photos speak for themselves. Enjoy :)

At the monument to Vittorio Emanuele III


The Nile River in the Four Rivers Fountain by Bernini


The Nile River’s face is draped by a cloth because at the time no one knew where the source of the river was from.


The Rio de la Plata River


The Danube river touching the Papal coat of arms and the Rio de la Plata


The feet are my favorite part

IMG_9278Detail of the Rio de la Plata’s beard and hand

The Nile’s foot here is the best of all of them.

IMG_9766 copy

Here are a series of photos at the Villa Pamphili which is the largest manicured park in Europe. It is literally just 5-10 minutes walking distance from my school, and in this beautiful park is this magical cafe. When I first went, this sense of nostalgia and comfort just washes over you. The food is not Italian and I think that is what gives it it’s charm. But of course inside looks like an enchanted forest with delicate lights and earthy decorations. The photo above I created to express my feelings of nostalgia and enchantment.


Only here have I been able to get a bagel with lox and cream cheese with a nice cup of tea after strolling through the park while the sun was setting.


This park has these towering stone pines that just sit on the skyline next to the clouds.


Broken old man statue


Last but not least, a dog just playing with its owner. Animals are my favorite subjects because they simply go about their day without ever objecting to my soul-capturing device.


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